In 2014, we spent a fair amount of time at Magic HQ and helped them with variety of projects to get them ready for the 2014-15 Season. One key project was the Gameday magazine refresh. Using their Pure Magic campaign as a starting point, we wanted to bring life to the usually boring player profile pages you see for most teams. Each player breaks out of their fractal box and gives us a glimpse of their personality. Player profiles would change per issue based on the whether players wore their Standard Jerseys or their new Pride Jerseys at the game.

DELIVERABLES: Gameday Cover and Interior design, Player/ Dancer Retouching, Yearbook Design, Scouting Book Design


AD DESIGNS: Orlando Magic Creative Services


DELIVERABLES: Cover Design, Interior Elements and Template

Scouting Book Design

DELIVERABLES: Cover Design, Interior Recruiter Pages