On June 8, 2011, I had the honor of speaking at Full Sail University as part of their DLXS (Design Lecture Experience Series).

To help promote the talk I created a 2-color silkscreen poster on chipboard which bore my likeness and eluded to the theme of the talk which was Make The Jump. In crafting the talk, I wanted to speak to two groups, art students who are stepping out for the first time and to more established artists and designers who want to be successful in their business.

It was a lot of fun sharing some helpful tips with the students as well as some of my work and experiences creating work for great clients all over the country. I got a lot of great emails and messages that my talk was one of the best DLXS yet. Students asked lots of questions during the Q&A portion of the talk which is a pretty good indicator that they were connecting with me or to the work I create. Several students also came down afterwards to have me review their portfolios and give them some advice.

Thanks to Peter, the Full Sail staff, and students for having me and to Mama’s Sauce for printing the posters.